trek (v)

- to walk usually for a long distance
- to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure

trek (n)

- a long and difficult journey that is made especially by walking

from Merriam-Webster's dictionary

This word, trek seems to be a good description of how it feels to learn new things. It seems difficult and long but it can also be adventurous and enjoyable.
The trek is usually achieved by walking which means you have to provide the energy and you have to do it, but not necessarily alone. That's where we come in. We will walk with you, making available the tools you need to learn. But in the end, YOU need to do the walking and, when you reach one of your goals, the difficulty will be forgotten. Only the adventure will be remembered. So let's enjoy the adventure together.

Here at 17trek, we make lots of tools available to you for learning, whether you are just starting out (in high school on your way to college), you are into your learning trek at the college level or you are on a life-long learning trek. We have the trekking tools you need. Check out our wide range of sites. [come back often, as we are constantly expanding and adding new topics and tools]


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